Kevlar Pulp - Added to epoxy for structural strength.  Kevlar,  4.00/2"x2"x5"bag, -   NOTE: KEVLAR PULP CANNOT BE SHIPPED OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES DUE TO EXPORT RESTRICTIONS.




As used in our revolutionary video, this compaction tape uses the heat of the curing epoxy to compact the laminate and bleed off excess resin, giving vacuum bagged quality laminates at a fraction of the cost! Elevated temperature use recommended (see our curing oven plans set!)- Smooth, 16.00/100 yd. roll - Perforated, 20.00/100 yd. roll

-THE BIG STUFF! -2.5" wide smooth Heat Tape -35.00/100 yd.roll for airframes 4" and larger, added heat or oven cure (see our new curing oven plans set!) necessary for best results.


THE COMPOSITE CURING OVEN PLANS SET - This new product contains the plans and hard to find parts to create a high temperature curing oven for your advanced composite projects. Imagine being able to reliably and safely cure your epoxy laminates in 90 minutes, or cure epoxy based fillers in the same time! No more overnight cures! Get a beautiful and even constriction of your airframe laminates with our heat tape (the 2.5" works especially well in this oven).  And, you can also use the oven shown in these plans to complete a basic post cure process on your cured laminates, raising their temperature resistance and enhancing their mechanical properties. A curing oven is simply the most useful tool you can have in a composite shop! The 35.00 price includes a complete plan set for the curing oven drawn to scale, a list of the materials to construct it from ( all available from your local home center), complete assembly and use instructions, and a special new adjustable high range thermostat. The completed oven including the cost of the plans set is under 100.00, and this is the best money anyone that is serious about their composite construction will spend! CURING OVEN PLANS SET - 35.00


NEW! ShadowAero Shirts!

Just in time for Christmas, we have the latest ShadowAero shirt design! Printed in three colors (black, red, and flourescent green) on high quality cotton tee shirts. The main logo is a huge 13" wide across the back, with a small ShadowAero logo on the front. Absolutely the height of fashion for 2009! 2XL only, 17.00 each.

Image  Main Logo